Bjorn Ludick

Head Coach, Founder

I've raced all over the world for many years as an Elite Athlete.

Coach to:
-Deca Ironman Winners
-Ironman World Championships, 70.3 World Championships, ITU World Championships Qualified Athletes, Podium Finishers and numerous Personal Bests.
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Coaching Philosophy

Drawing from years of knowledge and experience, Tri Coach Bjorn can provide you with a scientifically sound and field-tested training plan. By using the latest training information available, as well as tried and tested training methods, I offer a personalised plan that will yield improvement.


I don't just look at the training, but take an Holistic approach in coaching the athlete in Triathlon, while taking into account your daily life to maximise the time available. 

Every athlete that I coach, has his/her own strengths and weaknesses, and so a one size training plan will not work. Each athlete has different time availability to train and other outside commitments, and this is taken into consideration when building their structured plan.

The Coach/Athlete relationship is VERY important and for this reason, Tri Coach Bjorn emphasises getting to know each athlete as a unique individual, not just another triathlete. Great care is taken to create a training plan that best suits your individual needs. This is where many coaches fall short.



Get Inspired by Real People
"Just completed the 10 week Turbo training course with Bjorn in December. I wanted to do this as I participate in adventure races each year and also do a lot of mountain biking and wanted to improve on speed and climbing. The turbo training has definitely benefited me in these areas and I have reduced the time on one of my usual MTB routes by 20min due to the improvement on hill climbing. I would definitely recommend this class for anyone interested in cycling and Bjorn’s knowledge and expertise will guarantee improvements"
-Shane Bolster-
"Had a swim clinic with Bjorn last week, was very good. Have competed up to Iron man distance swims and Bjorn was able to give me excellent feedback as to how to improve my stroke and efficiency. Also covered sighting and rounding marker buoys. Very friendly and knowledgeable!! Also, was able to answer lots of questions about swimming in Youghal, very helpful with Ironman Cork coming up!!'
-Kiera Nolan-
"Had the pleasure of spending a week in Lanzarote with Bjorn. I learnt and improved alot in many areas of my triathlon from his experience and knowledge to help me get that edge on my competitors for 2018 and beyond."
-Peter Anthony Gilmore-
'Bjorn is a great guy and a superb coach. Got swim lessons from Bjorn in the National Aquatic Centre in 2014 . The sign of a good coach is someone who sets goals and shows you that you have the ability to achieve your goals. That's how Bjorn works."
-Liam Murphy-
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